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I was browsing through Youtube and came across this clip of Earthlings that really touches a nerve. I’ve been a vegan for purely ethical reasons since the end of 2007.  Part of that was due to this movie, most of

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Shhh  the daddy person doesn’t know I’m doing this.   He’s busy cleaning my cage and I snuck out.  “Coco”, he said, “I wonder if u could give my readers some advice on cage sizes.” I don’t like hearing him hit

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The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent

Last time I went on about trainers and got some feedback, including some “WTF?!” comments.  The fact that I posted the entry and immediately received two comments that were the polar opposite of one another, shows how divided people can

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Parrot and The Brain Brain Brain Brain…

Here’s another gripe of mine when dealing with the so called, “parrot people”.  Trainers. There are a certain percentage that follow some type of training theory.  At worst they can range from teaching an animal to act ridiculous for our

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