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Sounds of Not-Silence

Never plan on having another peaceful phone conversation in your life. Ever. Again.

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Picky picky picky!

Has it really been… a while? I wanted to post this really quick while Baby sleeps. Haven’t forgotten about my plans for the blog, but still waiting until he has more muscle control before we do any real introductions! I

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Parrot Careers (aka – The Rat-Bastards Who Make Money Off of Them)

I’m sick of it people!  I receive emails and subscribe to news feeds that keep me “in the loop” for many Animal Rights issues.  A larger part of them relate to Avian Welfare. I’m sick and tired of the people

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The No-Kill Yin Yang

No images this time.  I don’t think most of the places I’m including in this post would want their brand associated with what I have to say.  I’m also not referring to parrots in this post.  (Note the bold, underscored

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Shhh  the daddy person doesn’t know I’m doing this.   He’s busy cleaning my cage and I snuck out.  “Coco”, he said, “I wonder if u could give my readers some advice on cage sizes.” I don’t like hearing him hit

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The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent

Last time I went on about trainers and got some feedback, including some “WTF?!” comments.  The fact that I posted the entry and immediately received two comments that were the polar opposite of one another, shows how divided people can

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Parrot and The Brain Brain Brain Brain…

Here’s another gripe of mine when dealing with the so called, “parrot people”.  Trainers. There are a certain percentage that follow some type of training theory.  At worst they can range from teaching an animal to act ridiculous for our

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