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Sounds of Not-Silence

Never plan on having another peaceful phone conversation in your life. Ever. Again.

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You’re Sh****g Me!

Excuse me a second… Grapes? Check. Strawberries? Check. Pomegranate? Check. Cherries? Check. Corn syrup? Check. Molasses? Check. Now, just stick them on the blender here. Oh, a lid! Nope, don’t need that! I’ll just set that down here and now to

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New Featherhood… errr… Fatherhood. Yeah, Fatherhood.

To post this in my Daddy blog, or post this in my Parrot blog? Hrmm… conundrum! I’ve been a father now for 3 months and to the people that gave me that crazy look before the baby was born… bite

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Picky picky picky!

Has it really been… a while? I wanted to post this really quick while Baby sleeps. Haven’t forgotten about my plans for the blog, but still waiting until he has more muscle control before we do any real introductions! I

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I have a blog about parrots, how could I not write about this show?  If you haven’t seen it yet, follow this link to Parrots Confidential, a PBS show on most of the points I make in this blog. They focus

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Parrot Careers (aka – The Rat-Bastards Who Make Money Off of Them)

I’m sick of it people!  I receive emails and subscribe to news feeds that keep me “in the loop” for many Animal Rights issues.  A larger part of them relate to Avian Welfare. I’m sick and tired of the people

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The Anatomy of the Parrot Bite

Alright.  Been having some really crazy dreams lately and this one last night just ended up pissing me off.  No, really, I woke up annoyed for no reason other than a freakin’ dream! I was debating writing this post last

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