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The No-Kill Yin Yang

No images this time.  I don’t think most of the places I’m including in this post would want their brand associated with what I have to say.  I’m also not referring to parrots in this post.  (Note the bold, underscored

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I was browsing through Youtube and came across this clip of Earthlings that really touches a nerve. I’ve been a vegan for purely ethical reasons since the end of 2007.  Part of that was due to this movie, most of

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Shhh  the daddy person doesn’t know I’m doing this.   He’s busy cleaning my cage and I snuck out.  “Coco”, he said, “I wonder if u could give my readers some advice on cage sizes.” I don’t like hearing him hit

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Livid About Lories

This is going to be a short, quick post (compared to my usual at least).    Today I’m going to briefly bring up the topic of a species of parrot I had the pleasure (if you call getting hit with

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Interview With a Bird

So, this update we’re going to try something completely different here at Tongue In Beak.  I have Red here with me to help describe some of the ways these guys make such great pets. TIB:  For those just tuning in,

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Part II – Which Shelter is Which (AKA – The Shelters Strike Back)

Alright, the intermission is over, time to get back to work! Let me clarify this again, I’m not supporting one or the other type of organization with this post.  They both have their good points along with their bad.  My

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Which shelter is which?

This entry is aimed at all of those who have birds, know someone with birds or have heard of someone with birds.  The burning question that will usually cause immediate panic is “Oh my God, what do I do with

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