Picky picky picky!

Has it really been… a while? I wanted to post this really quick while Baby sleeps. Haven’t forgotten about my plans for the blog, but still waiting until he has more muscle control before we do any real introductions!

I just finished reading a plethora of posts about parrots refusing to eat healthy foods. Here’s a question I have for everyone – What do YOU eat?

Parrots are naturally social eaters. One member eats, they all eat. Call it jealousy, call it instinct, whatever you like. If we admit parrots are intelligent, we have to admit they can tell the difference between their food and ours. If we’re part of their flock, what does it tell them that we won’t touch the stuff they eat?

Case in point – Coco, our African Grey, taught me a lesson about how picky he can be. I poured a mix of pellets in his bowl one day. He stood over it, looked down, then looked up at me and reached down with his foot… still taring directly at me. He picked up a footfull of the pellets, stared at me and threw them on the floor. He repeated this over and over again until I gave him a sip of orange juice out of my cup.

Birdie bread, chop, fresh veggies are all great foods! Problem is, if you have a picky eater who’s never seen the stuff, how are they supposed to know how good all of it is unless you also eat some?

My advice? Have a bird-safe meal now and then and let the bird pick some food out of your plate. Who knows, maybe they’ll discover how great “little trees” can taste!


I am an animal advocate. I not only love, but respect animals... all animals. I have spent several years of my life dedicated to working in animal rescue and now have very little left to lose in expressing my true thoughts and ideals on the subject.

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