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Sounds of Not-Silence

Never plan on having another peaceful phone conversation in your life. Ever. Again.

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Picky picky picky!

Has it really been… a while? I wanted to post this really quick while Baby sleeps. Haven’t forgotten about my plans for the blog, but still waiting until he has more muscle control before we do any real introductions! I

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The Anatomy of the Parrot Bite

Alright.  Been having some really crazy dreams lately and this one last night just ended up pissing me off.  No, really, I woke up annoyed for no reason other than a freakin’ dream! I was debating writing this post last

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Shhh  the daddy person doesn’t know I’m doing this.   He’s busy cleaning my cage and I snuck out.  “Coco”, he said, “I wonder if u could give my readers some advice on cage sizes.” I don’t like hearing him hit

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Parrot and The Brain Brain Brain Brain…

Here’s another gripe of mine when dealing with the so called, “parrot people”.  Trainers. There are a certain percentage that follow some type of training theory.  At worst they can range from teaching an animal to act ridiculous for our

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Interview With a Bird

So, this update we’re going to try something completely different here at Tongue In Beak.  I have Red here with me to help describe some of the ways these guys make such great pets. TIB:  For those just tuning in,

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Bird brains

For some lighthearted fun – a brief rundown of some parrot personalities   African Grey: No not there!  That toy is going to eat me! See that?  That big white bird?  It wants to eat me! Wait, a different cage?! 

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